Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Paper Magazine in LA

Just wanted to briefly discuss Paper magazine's 24-hour department store which was open here in Los Angeles last week. The party (it was more of a party than a shopping experience) was held in a storefront on La Brea from 6pm on a Friday until 6pm the next day. I went Friday night around 9pm and spent about an hour there. The event was organized by Paper magazine and Colette and sponsored by Levis and MAC cosmetics.

So after waiting in line about an hour, I finally got into the party. The idea was that Paper and Colette would invite 25 of their favorite labels to participate and sell out of a booth. Fair enough. Probably 50% of the booths were not something I would be interested in- a skateboard company, a MAC 'photoshoot' booth, etc.. They added to the experience and brought in a diverse crowd but it just wasn't my thing. I was most impressed with the items brought by Colette. Of course they had limited edition items, including a bottle of champagne designed by Viktor and Rolf (sold-out) and vinyl wall applications designed by Jeremy Scott. I bought a few CD's . I also bought some t-shirts in the Levis booth. I loved the concept. They had 5 screen prints one could choose from and have a custom screen printed t-shirt made instantly for $5.01. Great idea, not so great execution, mostly lame graphics.

I also found out more about his label I've been interested called William B. Good. Based in San Francisco, they take discarded garments from Goodwill (otherwise destined for a landfill) and re-design them into something more wearable (actually more aesthetically pleasing). I chatted with the creative director for a while about the label and what they have planned and the direction they are moving in- I loved it. I bought a red flannel shirt with an added Eiffel Tower on the back and scripted text that reads "Gay Paree". I'm excited about the future of this label and I plan on following their progress..

One thing I was a bit disappointed in was all of the 80's things. I get that the kids are doing the 80's thing. I personally am doing the early 90's thing right now but that's another story. It's just there are only so many over sized swatch watch wall clocks and alf dolls I can look at before I feel like I'm at the flea market. There is nothing special about it- it is too obvious.. too formulaic. I expect more from Paper magazine and especially Colette. I expect visionaries. Maybe I expect too much?

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