Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gold Shell Convertible Clutch

These bags are not that hard to come by. What is rare about this one in particular though is that it has not been used so it is in perfect condition with no scratches, blemishes, or discolorations. I've been buying a lot of convertible clutches. They are perfect for this time of year when there are many parties and everyone is feeling festive. I particularly like those with chain straps that tuck inside the bag rather than a removable leather strap. There's something sexy to me about a woman pulling the chain off her shoulder and tucking it away into the bag she now holds in hand.


Hermione Gingold said...

I love the merchandise you showcase, so quirky and such a wide range of categories. I'm keeping an eye on that vintage YSL perfume necklace!

Anonymous said...

i love a good clutch and when a lady does a good "clutch wave" when she enters a party. so glam and chic...imagine saying hello to your friends and using this bag as a extention to your hand.