Friday, November 16, 2007

Beaded Pumps

I don't know if you've noticed (well I'm sure my friends have) but I like to ride the border of bad taste. These could definitely go either way but they are one of my favorite recent finds. Sequins and embellishment has appeared on the runways for spring and vintage is a way to find very well crafted pieces for not so much money. The labor it takes to bead these shoes is now unaffordable. If made today, the retail price would probably hover around $400 for this label and over $2000 for a designer label. Anyway I love them- love the color combination of the gold and gunmetal, love the abstracted design, love the leather heel against the beaded body of the shoe. The label is J Renee which is usually known for shoes and bags in exotic skins.


dis n dat said...

I just picked up a belt that would go perfect with these. Its beaded in the same colors except in a zebra pattern. I'll either have to buy the shoes or sell the belt to you so they will be together at last!

randibeth said...

i love the fine line you ride darling! i looove these! with tight pair of jeans that bell just over almost all the shoe with just a few beads/sequins poking through...i love it