Monday, February 25, 2008

Lanvin Arpege Talc

I found a bunch of vintage designer dusting and body powders and also some perfume. I'll post photos today and tomorrow.

This one is marked on the bottom "Arpege Talc." I'm not sure how it is different from the Arpege dusting powder I'm going to post next since they have almost identical packaging. They're fun as a pair on your vanity. Also they are both unopened.

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Janet D. Patrick said...

Hi! I was reading your blog entry on the vintage dusting / talc powders and I'm wondering if you still have the Arpege? My 70 year old Mom LOVES them and really, really wants one before she dies. Ha! (She's watching me type this). She said she has to smell good in the grave. Heh! See where I get it?!! Anyway - I would very much love to buy it from you if at all possible. Please call me at 770-314-2918 collect if needed or email me at THANK YOU! -Janet Patrick / Atlanta