Sunday, December 23, 2007

Antique Doctor's Bag Purse

Also found in North Carolina, this is a stunning antique bag that I was so happy to find. I love the doctor's bag shape but often they are too big and clumsy. Not that big bags are always clumsy, but doctor's bags in particular are too wide to comfortably hold at your side. This is a mini size and has a chain shoulder strap. These two characteristics make this bag utterly wearable and totally comfortable. Because of it's age, the leather does have some wear which I don't mind at all. I may have it repaired but probably not. The brass hardware is also a little banged up but is so unique that it looks like a well earned patina. Notice the modern looking brass feet. Also the clasp- my favorite detail. This bag is definitely being tucked away as part of the permanent collection- I love it!


Anonymous said...

simply stunning. i dont mind the wear at all either since it just shows that it is an authentic antique

Anonymous said...

call the doctor.. i'm feeling faint!