Sunday, January 20, 2008

Spring Color: Bottega Veneta

I have to admit, when I first approached this bag I assumed it was a Faux-ttega Veneta. To my surprise, it turned out to be real! I love the chevron weave and the braided shoulder strap, but most of all I love the colors.


dis n dat said...

Hey smarty pants! It's called "INTRECCIATO" when the leather is woven in such a manner. Not "Chevron"..."I'm sooo sure"

FOUNDfashion said...

Yes, Bottega Veneta calls their unique woven lamb skin "intreccato" and it is made from pieces of leather woven through a single skin. This is not leather and therefore is not made by that process. The chevron pattern I referred to has less to do with the technicalities of the weave than the effect it has on the eye. The pattern on Charlie Brown's shirt is a chevron- that is what I meant.