Tuesday, October 30, 2007


You might have noticed that some of my tags are trend driven. I'm testing the idea of grouping the items into a trend category: for instance "Gold Rush" since chunky gold jewelry is big right now. If you click on Gold Rush at the right, you will find all those posts that fit into this trend category. Some of the other trends I have represented are Color Block, and Fashion in Hand: Clutches.
Having just begun this blog I am open to feedback- please let me know what is working for you and what suggestions you have for improvements. My vision for this blog is to update as I find things, so that my constant hunt for exceptional vintage fashion items is just as exciting for the reader as it is for me. Right now I am focused on cataloging past finds to get up to speed. As mentioned in the blog already, I sell accessories at the Wertz Bros. antique mart in Santa Monica California, and all kinds of fashion items and ephemera on ebay under the seller name FOUNDfashion. I'm envisioning this as another outlet to reach potential customers, but also as a place to throw my ideas on the table and find what works. I hope you'll help me find my way!

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